Coloring In The Background

Just strolling around in Wynwood and found this beautiful wall. I'm loving colorful walls right now, it complements my dark outfits the best. 

Top: Asos
Skirt: Finders Keepers
Shoes: Vans Sk8
Purse: Zara
Sunglasses: Zaful

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Bobbi Brown Holiday Goodies

ALL THESE GOODIES...where do I start?! The pictures below are a mix of The Bobbi Brown Wine and Chocolate Collection along with some Limited Edition products. There is plenty of shimmer and bold colors perfect for the holiday season. My favorite hands down are the Long-Wear Liquid Liners. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I like these more than the gel eyeliner. The brush tip makes it so easy to apply and I feel the color goes on smoother for a bolder look. There is a little something for everyone. If you want to focus on the eyes, the nails, and one of my favorites, the cheeks with highlighter. All of these products are perfect gift sets for your loved ones or for yourself. Holiday Gift Guide here!

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No Thanks

Did I just feel a little cool wind outside...runs inside and puts a sweater on. I might have sweat a little bit while I was shooting this outfit but this is just how Miami people do it. What can I say, this sweater is just too cute to not take advantage of wearing it for those three cool hours. 

Skirt: Finder's Keepers
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
Sunglasses: Asos
Purse: Zara

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Slipping Into The 90's....again.

 Should I be concerned that I wore black slip dresses in the 90's? I'm embracing this trend...again. This time I would like to think that I'm a bit more fashion forward. I now know how to get the most out of my clothing. I'm now wearing it with different colored tshirt underneath, alone with heels, with sneakers, the options are endless. They have now come out with all sorts of colors and every length. Get yourself a slip dress for those days when you don't want to put outfits together but don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed and put the first thing that you found. Thank me later!

Slip Dress: All sorts of styles and prices at
Tshirt - The Loft
Choker: Boohoo
Shoes: Zara

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