21 December, 2014

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This outfit is meant to always have the leather jacket placed over the shoulders at all times but I live in Miami so that is impossible. Here are some pics of my outfit with and without my staple of the moment. The leather jacket. I'm getting as much use of it as I can, even if that means only for a couple of hours at night. I got this must have at Mango for $100 bucks! Enjoy!

Este look está destinado a tener siempre la chaqueta de cuero sobre los hombros en todo momento, pero yo vivo en Miami, así que es imposible. Aquí están algunas fotos de mi look con y sin mi elemento básico del momento, la chaqueta de cuero. La estoy usanda como pueda, incluso si eso solo significa por un par de horas por la noche. Esta chaqueta de el momento me costo $100 dólares en Mango. Disfruten las fotos! 

Dress: Zara
Jacket: Mango
Boots: Public Desire
Bag: Zara

Talking hair today! Just like my outfits I have the same motto for my hair: keep it simple but interesting. I love my blue hair BUT I struggle with hairstyles. I really try mixing it up but let's be real, I live in Miami. Yes this is a huge problem if you think that how you look inside the house will be the same as when you walk outside, no really thanks humidity. Plus those beautiful Gisele Bundchen beach waves fall apart in about 10 minutes. Which is my main struggle, keeping up the hairstyles.

So here comes a product that helps me keep that beachy, messy, wavey look. I've tried other products that make my hair feel like I have a bird nest in there! I can't run my fingers through my hair and it all starts clumping together. The South Beach Spray from Beauty For Real keeps my style from falling, smells good and at the end of the night I can brush out my hair and it be smooth again. Also it's under 20 bucks!

Here are my quick steps to get my fave hairstyle look.

1. Not the expert at this but I've been using this technique from Jena Atkin. This gives you more of a dent and texture than curls. I've found it's more natural and easier for it to stay.
2. Spray a small amount of the South Beach Spray from Beauty For Real by sections and work it into pieces.

Makeup by Steph

I could not have picked a better wall to shoot this outfit with. The cuteness overload and the graffiti artist name being Jules could not fit me better. Here they are, my DIY jeans. I ordered all of these patches on etsy and just ironed everything on these boyfriend jeans for a relax and not so serious look. I reminisced on the 90's and wished I kept some of my patches from then. But like everything in fashion, it always comes around.

No podría haber elegido un mejor pared para hacer este "look". La sobrecarga de cosas dulces y el nombre del artista de graffiti siendo Jules no podía encajar mejor. Aquí están los jeans con parches. Pedí todos estos parches en Etsy y simplemente los planche en los jeans para un look relajado. Me acorde de los parches que tenia en los 90 y porque no me quede con los parches que tenia. Pero como todo en la moda, que siempre vuelve.

White Bodysuit - Ohm Boutique
Jeans: The Loft
Patches - Etsy -(Wildflower & Co, NoffhouseShop, PoohmieCollection, SunshinePatches)
Sneakers - Adidas 
Purse - Asos

First post I do with my new hair! I am loving my navy blue hair! Sometimes I forget its blue and when I see it in the mirror I can't help but smirk. Anyways, lets get to this outfit and today's reminder. So while I was looking online for some patches for my DIY jeans, (post coming soon on those jeans). I saw this shirt and I had to get it, because really..fuck beauty standards. My mom always taught me to love every little bit of my body, yes sometimes its not easy but the older I've gotten the more comfortable I have become with accepting all the good and "bad." Which brings me back to the standards..don't think because you do not look like what you see on tv or social media does not make you beautiful. We are all our own type of beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Now let me strut this outfit in this badass Wynwood wall....

Hair: @stylesformilesinc
Leather Jacket: Mango
Tshirt: @creepy.gals
Jeans: Free People
Bag: Zara