Looking At Things From A Different Perspective

Being in the fashion and beauty world can sometimes leave me very confused. I've always been someone with a great sense of who I am. I think that has made it very clear for me to know that I don't have to be like everyone else...and that is ok. I'm sometimes very confused on why people obsess over celebrities/social figures and how they look. More confusing is how they want to look just like them. Why? Why look like someone else? To me the point has always been to be yourself, the best version of yourself. So.....don't dress like everyone else, don't look like everyone else. Be proud of your looks, work all those insecurities until they become the best part of you. With that said, feast your eyes on a 34 year old woman wearing a long tshirt dress with cartoon eyes on it and rubbery heels. 

Dress: LazyOafs
Shoes: Simmi Shoes
Purse: Zara

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Dressing Down

My friends and I always have this conversation: "So what are you wearing"? I answer, jeans, and a top, something simple. Then when we meet up they all say "I thought you were coming chill" and I answer "I did"! I am wearing what I said I would but I try to put my outfits together to make things look a bit more interesting. Just because I said I'm wearing a tshirt and jeans doesnt mean that I did not try to put it all together. Accessorize all your outfits and most important, when you buy items for your wardrobe, try buying a white tshirt but maybe in a different cut, with pom poms on it or something that can bring more details to your outfit. 

Dress: GoJane
Sneakers: Nike
Choker: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Zaful

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Celebrating Bobbi Brown's 25th Anniversary with Limited Edition City Palettes

 In honor of the 25 year brand celebration, Bobbi Brown came out with the City Collection.  Three different palettes to showcase her favorite cities - New York, London and Paris. The one pictured is the London Collection.

The London Palette consists of four eyeshadows in warm nudes and rich navy shadows. It also has a peachy pink blush which works well with my fair skin and freckles.  I also got the Union Jack Ink Limited-Edition Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. It has the perfect pop of color and like all the gel eyeliners it's long lasting. I think by now everyone knows my love for Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner so I will be carefully making this limited edition eyeliner last as long as possible. The eyeshadows are perfect for every day look and you can add the navy eyeshadow for night. The palette is small in size so you can definitely carry it in your purse and add the night effect if you are on the go. Perfect for travel too. Not pictured here but also available for the City Collections are other gel eyeliners and lipsticks which compliment every City Collection Palette.

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Side by Side Details

In my last post here I talk about my little black dresses and how much I love to collect them but there is something I love more than a black dress...a white dress. I know, I'm so predictable. I love white! So here's my newest white dress from Tobi, with a little lace up side detail. A little too sexy for my taste alone so I wore it with my very oversized denim jacket to cover up a bit. I will also be styling it with some white crisp sneakers and the jacket around my waist to make it more casual. 
What's your favorite a little white dress or a little black dress?

Dress: Tobi Exposition Lace up Body Con Dress (It's 50% off if you are a new customer!!)
Jacket: Boohoo
Boots: GoJane

This is a sponsored post provided by Tobi; all opinions are always my own

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