Bring on the ruffles

The things you do for fashion. I love this top so much, the ruffles and the off the shoulder look but I also can't seem to raise my arms up. But really who cares about that, I can have t-rex arms once in a while. The sacrifices we do for fashion.

Top - Etsy
Jeans - DIY Earl Jeans
Shoes - Simmi Shoes
Bag - Zara
Sunglasses - Asos

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Ponte Las Pilas

Just like my mom use to tell me when I was young...put those batteries on and go! This is more of spanish saying but it definitely translates into any language. Get up and get moving!

Tshirt by FiercelyThriftin

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Who doesn't like flamingoes?

The beauty of this wall!! I have to go shoot another outfit here. The wind was insane and there were people waiting for us to finish to take pictures in front of this wall. Stay tuned for more outfit pics in front of this wynwood wall.

Bralette: Cmeo Collective
Tshirt: The Loft
High Rise Jeans: ShoeDazzle
Booties: Simmi Shoes
Bag: Zara

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Bobbi Brown Skin Care

I've been using these products for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, my skin hasn't felt this moisturized in a long time! My skin is refreshed. The lip balm is not as creamy as I would want so I just dab a little on top of my ultra matte lipsticks. I've tried sticking to using these products together, from the exfoliant to the Illuminating Moisturizer and they compliment each other very well. Give these a try next time you are in need of some facial products.

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