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  1. Hi, dear Ana.
    My name is Alessandra Sessa, im a Designer from El Salvador.
    I looooove your blog, and your style, and i was wondering if you would like
    to check out my bags.

    Also, i´ll be at MIAMI from de 12th till the 24th, i hope im not being rude,
    but i was wondering if you knew any places i could go to see if they are
    intrested in handmade leather handbags with illustrated prints.

    Since i´ll be at miami, maybe i could give to you one of my bags so you can use it,
    it would be awesome. Sorry for being so straight to the point but i bet you must
    be pretty bussy.

    Here i leave you my fb and instagram page.
    Thank you very very much, hope you have a lovely week - end.