The Consignment Bar

I look forward to weekends because I get to go work at a really nice, little boutique. It's basically, the place I get to go in and just look at clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. It is a high end consignment store, meaning that people bring in their items to be sold and when the store sells them, the store and the person that brought them gets paid. Sooooo, every week, people bring tons of stuff, which I get to drool over.  With that being said, I decided to make my top ten list of the items I would buy if I won the lotto. Here they are:

Yo espero  los fines de semana porque me permite ir a trabajar a una pequeña tienda. Es basicamente, el lugar que solo me paso mirando ropa, zapatos, bolsos y accesorios. Dado que es una tienda en que las personas traen un monton de cosas hermosas. Con todas las cosas que deseo, decidi a hacer mi lista de los diez articulos que compraria si me gano la loteria.  Aquí están:
#10: Rinkel White Croc Clutch

#9: Valentino Pink Clutch

#8: Ruth Belity Necklace

#7: Fendi Clutch

#6: White Prada Bag

#5: Chanel Shoes
(I don' t think I would wear them, but they so amazing!)

#4: YSL Wedges

#3: Hermes Kelly Bag

#2: Chanel Grey 2.55

#1: Vintage YSL Sequins Jacket


  1. um....I'll take the FenDi Clutch w/ The Belity Necklace! Do you guys FedEx to LA? lol (amazing pieces!)-no wonder you're drooling all over yourself! =P

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  3. A consignment bar offers a unique blend of shopping and socializing. Discover curated selections while enjoying a convivial atmosphere. Best VPNs Streaming While it fosters sustainability and fresh finds, it may involve longer waits and shared profits. Embrace the consignment experience for an eco-conscious and trendy shopping adventure.