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Hi everyone,

I'm really big on helping each other out in the "fashion" world. Seems like some are greedy and don't wanna share the wealth. Oh well. So, I wanted to let everyone know about Megha Jain. She is a jewelry designer. She has beautiful, unique pieces which will definately make any outfit. Her inspiration comes from breathtaking landscapes such as Rajasthan, India. Go see her site, its filled with great pieces and if you want to purchase something, fill out the product form mention my blog and get 15% off. Have fun shopping!

Hola a todos,

A mi me gusta que las personas en el mundo de "la moda" se ayuden. Por lo tanto, quería que conocieran a Megha Jain. Ella es una diseñadora de joyas. Tiene hermosas piezas, únicas que sin duda harán cualquier conjunto. Su inspiración proviene de paisajes impresionantes, como Rajasthan en India. Vayan a su sitio, para ver las piezas y si quieren comprar algo, llenen el formulario de productos y si mencionan mi blog ella les va a dar 15% de descuento. Disfruten sus compras!

Taara Website

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  1. wow BEAUTIFUL jewelry! i want that ring bad! see the jewelry in my newest post too!

    AND the NEW GIVEAWAY!!! Spread the word xo