Miami Outfits

Hi everyone, I haven't posted any outfit pics in a while. My photographer/husband was very busy with his own things but now he's back to help me. When I uploaded these pictures I kept thinking about how I need to get better at layering. Its very difficult to do that when you go outside and its so hot you feel like everything sticks to you. I gotta admit, Im pretty jealous of all the girls that live in LA and San Francisco that get to layer.

One more thing, I love my very comfortable - very tall shoes.

Hola a todos, a sido un rato que no pongo fotos de mis trajes. Mi fotógrafo / esposo estaba muy ocupado con sus propias cosas, pero ahora me va ayudar. Cuando vi estas fotos me quedé pensando en cómo debo de vestirme mas en capas. Veo a otras muchachas de otros blogs de modas con camisas, chaquetas pero aqui en Miami no se puede poner mucha ropa, hace un calor que se le pega todo!

Zara Blouse, DIY Shorts, Steve Madden, Wedges, Forever21 Accessories, D&G Bag

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  1. Love your blouse. Man, I wish there was a Zara in my state. xxoo