Broaden Your Fashion Horizons

Part of loving fashion is experimenting with things that you never thought you would wear. As I get older, I see how my style has become so defined. Sometimes to keep things fun, I try new things. First, the crop top, loved it on everyone else but couldn't see myself wearing it...until this skirt came along. This is my comfort zone, lace, high waisted, edgy with the see through lace and it fit perfect. These two items together made me feel at ease but not boring. 

Parte de amar la moda es experimentar con cosas que nunca pense que usaria. A medida que pasa el tiempo, me veo como mi estilo se ha vuelto tan definido. A veces, para mantener las cosas divertidas, intento cosas nuevas. Primera cosa, la "crop top" me encanta pero puesto en otra gente, no podía verme con una puesta ... hasta que vi esta falda. Esta falda es mas mi estilo, de encaje, de talle alto. La falda y la camisa son perfectas juntas porque es un poquito sexy pero no mostrando mucha piel.

Crop Top from Express, Black Lace Skirt c/of  Shopping-Minute, Sandals Express


  1. Stunning skirt !! Great choice

    #inspiredby MUSES™

  2. Love this look! That skirt is gorgeous!

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  4. Stunning skirt you wear you look gorgeous, the wearing skit enhance you beauty more. That is the best choice for the summer season. You look great in black streetwear, hoodies

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