Cheryl Fudge Miami

Over the last few years I feel that Miami has become a "fashion friendly" city. What I mean by that is that our city is now embracing fashion in a new way, not just hot bikinis. So when I found out about a new store that opened called Cheryl Fudge, I was very intrigued to get there and try it out. 

Basically this store is all about getting your creative juices flowing. It's an experimental open design studio that provides their customers the opportunity to create their own one-of-a kind designs. Here's the rundown, you go in the store you can pick any of the items they have and you can accessorize every little inch of it with what they offer. The plus is that they have someone helping you by sewing for you. They have a vast variety of items so you won't be disappointed AND you can bring in your own things and use their accessories.

I had the opportunity to host a small Blogger's DIY party and all the girls were very pleased with the store. Go check out the store, they have events during the week that would be great for a girls night out and other occasions.
Cheryl Fudge Miami, 204 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Thanks to my blogger girls!
Marivette, Annie, Bianca, , Netty, Afroza, Gissi, Ginger, Samantha


  1. This place is mind blowing. Even the tea they served was really fancy. It was the pyramid shaped tea bags. I heard this was one of Oprah's favorite items.
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