Men Style Mondays: Rules of Style by the one and only Nick Wooster

Everyone knows that my #1 Men Style Icon is Nick Wooster. So who else better to get style tips from than him...right? Here are 10 rules he practices, please read and let your men in on all the deets.

1. If you can't afford a Rolex buy something equally as interesting at the other end of the spectrum like a Luminox—those are really cool. Don't buy a watch trying to emulate a Rolex.
2. I subscribe to the notion of the sartorial mullet—stay tailored up top and less buttoned up on the bottom. I love funny pants.
3. If you're going to play with color start with one. If you're wearing yellow, everything else should be navy and grey. Yes, I've been known to wear bright green and pink at the same time but I don't do that often—the bulk of my closet is grey, navy, white, khaki, olive, and a little black.
4. If you're putting in the effort to wear a tie, finish it off with a smart and simple tie bar. Not a decorative, big, or funny one. Just something functional.
5. A quarter-and-an-inch chocolate brown belt with a sterling buckle goes with everything from jeans to chinos to a proper suit. It may cost you $1,000, but it's a good investment.
6. If you're slim and tall and young, wear pleated pants. They accentuate every flaw you have so don't wear them if you have hips. Otherwise you'll really like them.
7. I have a good packing system that looks mildly anal but it's not. Jackets should be turned inside out to protect the shoulders, and 'like' things go together. Pants on the bottom, jackets on top. Socks and underwear get rolled.
8. You should be comfortable while traveling, but it isn't an excuse to look like a slob. Just wear the oversize khakis or footwear that's a size or two big on you. I made the mistake of wearing tight shoes on a plane and my ankles were the size of my thighs when I got off.
9. I'm a huge fan of tear sheets for inspiration. Tumblr is the best place to store files. You don't even have to repost them. Just like them and you'll have a catalogue of things that inspire and interest you. I like having a benchmark for remembering what I thought was cool when.
10. I don't have an M.O. when it comes to tattoos. The real reason my skin is covered in ink is that I'm really white, so instead of worrying about looking pale I thought, "Why not cover it with tattoos?"
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