Sales, discounts, bargains yeah I love those words. So when those words can be used with a site that has some of my favorite Australian clothing lines and everything they have is classy and effortless, I can't help to think I hit jackpot!

Time to listen! Here's the break down...

1. The site is
2. On the 24th of every month you can use your "coins". (You can also shop anytime but only on the 24th you can cash in the coins).
3. The best part is that you can log on to the site every day and collect "coins". These coins can be used on the 24th. So, here's the moment your jaw can collect up to 180 coins which can then be converted into money when you shop on the 24th. (They do not roll over from month to month)
4. It's that simple, log on collect coins, shop on the 24th and save up to $180.00. BONUS: On the 24th some of the items go on sale and you can get more bang for your buck!

1. If you are kind of obsessed about saving money then you will do like I do. I go on EVERY DAY and collect my coins. I put an alarm on my phone to remind me to go on the site.
2. I put in my cart everything I like and in my size so when the 24th comes around I am ready to shop and I have $180.00 ready to be used!

This week I will be showing you the pieces I got from  You can also go on my ig @afashionsoiree to see the video of my experience.

Khaki Trench - Sheinside
Black Tank Top - Zara
Black Skirt - Finder's Keepers via ifchic
Boots - Gwen Stefani via ShoeDazzle


  1. whaaaat.
    I'm calling you about this tomorrow. I'm so intrigued. I will repeatedly hit refresh and check back daily for my coins lol!!

  2. Love that idea, will check them out! you look amazing as always!