Clarins Spring 2016 Colour Collection

My love for beauty products and makeup has been rapidly growing in the last six months. I have actually been able to get a vanity set up with all the products I've been accumulating. I've been trying to get better on how to apply my makeup so no I'm not a pro, Im just learning what looks good on me and on how to keep the blending going. I attended the Clarins Spring Regional Tour a couple of weeks ago and was very excited when I saw the products. 

For the looks below, I had my friend and beauty blogger Stephanie make me up in this bright, fresh and vibrant Spring Collection from Clarins. Let me know what you think!

Details on my look:

1. For foundation, I used the Sunscreen Multi-Protection Tint in Light. 
2. On the eyes,  I used the new Ombre Iridescente powder eyeshadows. 
     - Silver Plum on outer corner
     - Silver Pink in center
     - Silver Ivory on inner corner
3. On cheeks, I used the Multi-Blush Cream Blush in Rose. 
     -(Highlight was Becca Cosmetics - Champagne Pop).
4. On lips, I used all the new Rouge Eclat Lipsticks. I will detail which color by the pictures below.

Mi amor por los productos de belleza y maquillaje ha estado creciendo rápidamente en los últimos seis meses. De hecho, he sido capaz de conseguir un tocador con todos los productos que he ido acumulando. He estado tratando de obtener mejores resultados en la forma de aplicar el maquillaje así que no, no soy una profesional.  Yo estoy simplemente aprendiendo lo que se ve bien. Asistí a el evento de Clarins Spring Regional Tour hace un par de semanas y estaba muy emocionado cuando vi los productos.

Mi amiga y bloguera de belleza Stephanie me maquillo con los productos de la colección de primavera de Clarins. 


Lipstick: Pink Blossom

beauty how to
Lipstick: Pink Blossom

Lipstick: Hot Rose

Lipstick: Hot Rose

Lipstick: Pink Cherry

Lipstick: Pink Cherry

Lipstick: Rose Praline

Lipstick: Rose Praline

Special thanks to Stephanie... for more makeup talk and tips head over to her blog HERE!