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Talking hair today! Just like my outfits I have the same motto for my hair: keep it simple but interesting. I love my blue hair BUT I struggle with hairstyles. I really try mixing it up but let's be real, I live in Miami. Yes this is a huge problem if you think that how you look inside the house will be the same as when you walk outside, no really thanks humidity. Plus those beautiful Gisele Bundchen beach waves fall apart in about 10 minutes. Which is my main struggle, keeping up the hairstyles.

So here comes a product that helps me keep that beachy, messy, wavey look. I've tried other products that make my hair feel like I have a bird nest in there! I can't run my fingers through my hair and it all starts clumping together. The South Beach Spray from Beauty For Real keeps my style from falling, smells good and at the end of the night I can brush out my hair and it be smooth again. Also it's under 20 bucks!

Here are my quick steps to get my fave hairstyle look.

1. Not the expert at this but I've been using this technique from Jena Atkin. This gives you more of a dent and texture than curls. I've found it's more natural and easier for it to stay.
2. Spray a small amount of the South Beach Spray from Beauty For Real by sections and work it into pieces.

Makeup by Steph

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