Standards...Fuck em all...big and small.

First post I do with my new hair! I am loving my navy blue hair! Sometimes I forget its blue and when I see it in the mirror I can't help but smirk. Anyways, lets get to this outfit and today's reminder. So while I was looking online for some patches for my DIY jeans, (post coming soon on those jeans). I saw this shirt and I had to get it, because really..fuck beauty standards. My mom always taught me to love every little bit of my body, yes sometimes its not easy but the older I've gotten the more comfortable I have become with accepting all the good and "bad." Which brings me back to the standards..don't think because you do not look like what you see on tv or social media does not make you beautiful. We are all our own type of beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Now let me strut this outfit in this badass Wynwood wall....

Hair: @stylesformilesinc
Leather Jacket: Mango
Tshirt: @creepy.gals
Jeans: Free People
Bag: Zara

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