Beauty Talk with Lucelly Aspeitia

I had the privilege to sit down with Lucelly Aspeitia, Global Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder. We talked latest beauty trends, how to take care of my skin and she even personalized a face chart and told me exactly what I should have in my beauty drawer. I told her what I like to emphasize on when doing my makeup and she had the product for it. She suggested the following products:

Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick: This is a foundation that combines liquid makeup and an applicator in one. It's pretty easy to blend, just touch on, buff and blend with a beauty blender. I am very picky about my foundation. I tend to always feel like I need to add powder to make it more matte, I do not like shiny skin. This foundation stick did not leave my skin shiny, I still added some matte powder but definitely less than with other products. This foundation is light and it can be build up. Perfect for every day wear.

Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil: I had mentioned to Lucelly how I feel eyebrows are so important, they frame your face. So she suggested the Brow Now pencils. They are gel and are very easy to blend. I use the two lighter colors from the picture the lighter one on the inner corner until the middle and the darker color from the middle to the end of the eyebrow.  Please make sure you're eyebrows are not too dark. One of my pet peeves are eyebrows too dark for your skin, it makes me look like a weirdo when I can't stop staring at someone's eyebrows while they talk to me. 

Advanced Night Repair: I think she recommends this to everyone.  I still remember seeing this little bottle on my moms night table. An oldie but goodie, I have this in my skin routine. Makes my skin hydrated but not greasy.

Blush: In Poppy Passion. I'm loving that all of these products, except for the lipsticks, can be used every day. I tend to go for a lighter pink blush but I understand why Lucelly suggested this color. It's slightly sheer but gives you enough color to show you have blush on. 

Pure Color Envy Matte Lipsticks: If you do not know by now, I am a lipstick girl. I love trying out different lipsticks and nothing makes me feel more dressed up than a pop of color on my lips. Love these two colors Purple hue (Stronger) and Pink hue (Unattainable) but the best part is that they are MATTE and don't leave your lips so dry it hurts to take off the lipstick. 

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