Dressing Down

My friends and I always have this conversation: "So what are you wearing"? I answer, jeans, and a top, something simple. Then when we meet up they all say "I thought you were coming chill" and I answer "I did"! I am wearing what I said I would but I try to put my outfits together to make things look a bit more interesting. Just because I said I'm wearing a tshirt and jeans doesnt mean that I did not try to put it all together. Accessorize all your outfits and most important, when you buy items for your wardrobe, try buying a white tshirt but maybe in a different cut, with pom poms on it or something that can bring more details to your outfit. 

Dress: GoJane
Sneakers: Nike
Choker: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Zaful

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