Looking At Things From A Different Perspective

Being in the fashion and beauty world can sometimes leave me very confused. I've always been someone with a great sense of who I am. I think that has made it very clear for me to know that I don't have to be like everyone else...and that is ok. I'm sometimes very confused on why people obsess over celebrities/social figures and how they look. More confusing is how they want to look just like them. Why? Why look like someone else? To me the point has always been to be yourself, the best version of yourself. So.....don't dress like everyone else, don't look like everyone else. Be proud of your looks, work all those insecurities until they become the best part of you. With that said, feast your eyes on a 34 year old woman wearing a long tshirt dress with cartoon eyes on it and rubbery heels. 

Dress: LazyOafs
Shoes: Simmi Shoes
Purse: Zara


  1. Thank you for saying what I've been thinking lol, I think 30's is a beautiful age. Once I hit 30, all my insecurities felt so silly. So what if my boobs are smaller than other women, or my legs skinnier, or whatever man, we gotta dress for OUR bodies to look our best in our own unique way. I feel like our generation has taken back our right to be and feel youthful in our 30s, my mom talks about her 30s and how ppl would assume it's all downhill from there and they called her vieja. But not THIS generation of Miami girls lol, I feel like your cartoon eyes shirt is like a protest, protesting our right to own our juventud. I love that! So bad ass!

    1. Glad Im not the only one that feels this way!! Keep embracing yourself!

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